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21 Signs You’re A Senior Citizen Stuck In A Youth’s Body

21 Signs You’re A Senior Citizen Stuck In A Youth’s Body

me all the way D: sigh

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kamisama hajimemashita season 2 review

omg best second season ever i loved it soooo much now tomoe is in Nanami’s place  and is experiencing what she did in season 1. i want there to be an OVA of them getting married and having kids or just a season 3

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hey body every

I started playing this game called TERA its an online game that is free to download and its really fun. yes it has dungeons and stuff but instead of dragons they’re Pegasus.

if you do play and i’ll upload more stuff about it later my username is  darkangellily and i can help u if your new to mmorpg games and want someone to help u along the way

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Boys over flowers

OMG this is my favorite series EVER!!!! It’s the most dramatic Cinderella story ever. I have read the manga, watched the anime,Japanese drama, and just finished the Korean version. I am going to watch the Taiwanese version “Meteor Garden” i’m so excited \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

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South Korean Boy Bands – Part One

this is very detailed explanation for boy bands thx nippaku


Divided over three successive posts, I will give you some information about Kpop (Korean popular music), more specifically about the rise, success and representation of boy bands. Because of my interest in Far East Asian culture, I am fully aware of the fact that my view has already undergone some influence. At the same time, I am a fan of classical music and hardly listen to any pop music. Nevertheless, I will try to sketch an as objective as possible portrait of this music style. The first post contains a general introduction and sketches the historical background of this genre.


A boy band is defined as “a vocal group consisting of young male singers”, what immediately points out their function on stage as well: singing. They do not (or rarely) write their own music or perform by playing instruments. Their performances, on the other hand, are often accompanied…

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Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while i’ve been busy. there is going to be a new section called “Diary” were i just put in my thoughts about things and talk about random stuff that has no real category. thank you all for reading my blog i hope that you will leave comments for me so i can know what to put i want to hear all of your suggestions.

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sad news for drama and Koreans

Due to the tragic ferry incident in South Korea, several dramas have been put on hold this week to make room for news broadcasts.

so far there are no survivors 121 dead and 182 missing many of the victims are teenagers. 

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