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21 Signs You’re A Senior Citizen Stuck In A Youth’s Body

21 Signs You’re A Senior Citizen Stuck In A Youth’s Body

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1. Whenever new technology comes out, your first reaction is “What was wrong with the old stuff?” which is quickly followed by, “how in the gosh dang h-e-double-hockey-sticks am I supposed to use this?”

2. Your friends always need to explain the newest slang, because honestly, when did “on fleek” become a thing, and what was wrong with “the bee’s knees”?

3. Casual dating is your worst nightmare. What happened to the good old days of mild flirting and then going steady? What’s all of this “talking” nonsense?

4. Whenever you see people (who are probably your age) doing anything remotely foolish, you just shake your head and lament, “youths.”

5. Moderately loud music actively infuriates you.

6. You often find yourself reminiscing on “the good old days,” even though “the good old days” were when Bop It Extreme was the hot toy and there were only two

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